Piece for George (2014)

For solo percussion


A. Select several instruments of each group. All sounds should be solid. Sounds need not be uniform. 

I. wood

II. glass

III. metal

IV. skin

Instruments should be placed in a circle around performer. Performer should be seated on floor. 

B. There are four sections lasting an hour each. Each section contains four subsections lasting 15 minutes. 


I. i., ii., iii., iv. 

Each subsection will end with a minute pause to prepare for the following section.

 C. For the four subsections select by chance operations a group of instruments to be performed on.

This order will be repeated for the following cycles of subsections. 

D. All sections of music will consist of simple, repetitive content. All music will be improvised. All music should be played quite softly, but in a manner that will permeate the hall.