Large Ensemble

Dance- for concert band

Vanity Lane- Ballet (Act I)- for chamber orchestra and rhythm section

Hamlin Meadows- for concert band

Small Ensemble/Chamber

Sonata for Trombone- for trombone and piano

Five Miniatures for French Horn- for french horn and piano

Babel- for saxophone quartet (also available for flute ensemble)

In One of Three Ways- for flute and trombone (also available for baritone saxophone)


For George- for percussion

Three Improvisations- for piano

L’homme Armé Variations- for viola 


The Second Law of Thermodynamics- for audience

Tarot Dance- Collaboration with Kelley Donovan- fixed media score

TexttoImagetoSoundto- Collaboration with Sol Enae Lee- fixed media score

Babel- group improvisation structure

Domemania- Collaboration with Julie Yu- fixed media score

This is a difficult email to send.- Collaboration with Sol Enae Lee- (prerecorded) violin, percussion and electronics